Case Study

PAR Project

PAR (RJU) is an EU project of Public Administration Reform in Serbia.


UI/UX Design

Website Development


Ecorys invited us to tender for the redesign of the PAR project’s website, to better address the main goals of the project, including promotion of the transformation of public administration, which citizens still perceive as an instrument of power, to become a service system for all citizens and the economy, modernized and harmonized with the best European standards and practices.

Thanks to our previous experience with the design and development of several government websites, including those for Ministry of Telecommunications, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Spatial Planning and Mining, to name a few, we’ve been able to deliver the website within weeks and exactly per the requirements.

Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is one of the top requirements for government websites to ensure equal access and inclusion for all individuals, regardless of their disabilities or impairments. We made it before, so zero errors, contrast errors and alerts in the WAVE accessibility checker were a positive start in that direction, as this is probably still the only government website in Serbia that passes the test.

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